Do you want to get around comfortably and calm? Welcome to the guided dog sled safari! Drive your own team of sleigh dogs on a sparkling snowy track, through the spectacular Finnish forest trails. You can either try leading the Husky yourself or sit back and relax on the comfortable sled to enjoy the dreamy fairytale-like scenery. Should you not be able to take a curve smoothly, don't worry, the snow is soft, and the guide is close by. Huskies pull the sled through the snowy landscape and seem to be tireless. During breaks, they tug at their harnesses and can’t to finally move on. If you are afraid of dogs: the animals themselves will help you get over it quickly, because Huskies are very human and tame companions.
"Unforgettable" is the opinion of all previous guests. During lunch at the open fire you will feel like Jack London himself and leave the daily routine far behind.

Please indicate this option in your booking request, if you are interested. It will be booked by us in advance.